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M. Maitland DeLand, M.D., is a radiation oncologist and founder of OncoLogics, a group of cancer treatment centers in the southern United States. A leader in her field, Dr. DeLand is chairman of the Health Education Authority of Louisiana Board and also serves as a member of the Professional Advisory Board. She’s an active philanthropist, who is passionate about supporting diabetes and cancer prevention programs, as well as the special needs of children. Dr. DeLand has a deep love of southern culture and colorful southern personalities from which her writing finds ample inspiration. She spends her free time growing her fine antiques and art collection. A classic movie buff as well, Dr. DeLand is a regular at the Turner Classic Film Festival. She also never misses Amy Grant and Vince Gill’s Christmas Concert held in Nashville every year. Dr. DeLand is also the author of several children’s books collections, including The Great Katie Kate books focused on educating children about medical conditions. Dr. DeLand divides her time between Lafayette, Nashville and New Orleans.